You can’t hurry love

Another week passed. Time flies when you are having fun… they say. And in fact, it is true. I had fun the past week. First of all, I did a lot of thinking about my job as a sustainability coordinator. It is interesting to notice that changing from a managerial role into a support role is quite challenging. Not having responsibility for any staff enables me to plan my own schedule. There are gaps in my agenda and I have to fill my working days with, let’s say, sustainable things. At times, I get a bit anxious and impatient trying to find what these things are. I have to use my brains a different way and be more creative. And that is what I like! Still, I think it takes time to get used to this new role.

The ‘merger-festival’ was the grand finale of this week. Our board performed on the main stage with the Supremes song You can’t hurry love. Blue sparkling dresses (including the two guys), wigs, live singing in front of 2200 people… wow… RESPECT!

The song is in many ways symbolic for the past week; don’t hurry, wait, trust, give it time and I will love my new job!

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