Home sweet home

With my legs up and my little black friend very near, it is time to relax and rest. The past couple of days were pretty intense, preparing the presentation, giving my English speech in front of a big audience and socializing with the other participants. Unfortunately, we weren’t the winners of the presentation competition, but that did not spoil the fun. The closing party was, in one word, FAB (=fabulous)!

And now, back in the Netherlands, with my feet up, I feel a little bit sad. Sad because I had to say goodbye to all the great people I met and  sad because the HOPE programme really came to an end…


  1. It was lovely to meet you and learn from you what we do well and what we can do better.

    • Hi Mary, lovely meeting you too and thanks for being part of this great exchange experience. I had a fabulous time in Birmingham Children’s Hospital and hope to meet you again someday.

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