Diversity coincidence

After a meeting in Amsterdam my husband and I decided to have dinner at the ‘Zeedijk’, Chinatown in Amsterdam. We invited his brother and, whether it is coincidence or not, he told about a meeting he attended last week about… guess what… diversity! It was called the Agora conference and the theme was ‘Diversity, hype or reality?’

This conference was organised by different big companies, one of them my brother in law works for. Of course I checked the internet site and read about their mission to support organizations to maximize the value of cosmopolitans and make sure the workforce is a reflection of society, at all levels. Some interesting activities on the website; cross mentoring (same as paired learning in the Birmingham Children’s Hospital?) and empowerment meetings for cosmopolitans.

By the way, I like the word ‘cosmopolitan’. So much better than the other Dutch word so often used for people with another cultural background. Let’s change the Dutch word ‘allochtoon’ in ‘kosmopoliet’ or ‘wereldburger’… sounds so much nicer.

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